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Check, Please! Bay Area

"A local gem that is serving healthy food, without tasting like health food"

Cafe Umami: Miso Latte???

“Eat food your grandma would be proud of and stop by the Umami Cafe!”

Sauerkraut drinks, bibimbap-inspired rice bowls, and savory jooks nourish at Café Umami

“Because food is also biochemistry"

Oakland's Cafe Umami Makes Trendy Food with Asian Touches

"Most importantly, though, half of the cafe's bowls are vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free, making this an excellent spot for anyone with dietary restrictions"

Beautifully crafted coffee and non-coffee drinks along with healthy dining options

“Popular lunch dishes include the Veggie Power Bowl, which includes tempeh, avocado, and sauerkraut, as well as the Pulled Pork Bowl. Regulars also rave about the jook”

How to Build the Healthiest Grain Bowl, According to a Microbiologist

“Bowls that, as chaotically beautiful as they are, serve a higher—and more healthful—purpose”

First Bite: Memorable Cafe Umami

"The affordable Cafe Umami deserves best-seller status”

New Dimond District Breakfast & Brunch Spot 'Café Umami' Opens Its Doors

“This new spot features a seasonal rotating menu of customizable breakfast and brunch items, with a variety of house-made ingredients”

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